Interview with Our Spring Conference Presenter,  Haim Weinberg PhD

I was excited for the opportunity to interview Haim Weinberg in preparation for our Spring Conference.  Here is a preview of our upcoming weekend. Karen:  Before talking about the conference weekend, I thought I might ask a few questions about your background and interests since they are so unique.  You are from Israel, trained and practiced there until 2006, and… Read More

2016 Spring Conference Preview

MAGPS is pleased to announce the Spring 2016 Conference, “Impossible Groups: Absorbing a New Paradigm for Group Therapy?” to be held April 9-10, 2016 at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC. I have had the privilege of having conversations with our plenary speaker, Haim Weinberg, PhD. His curiosity, care and commitment to effective and meaningful group psychotherapy is a cornerstone… Read More

Spring Conference 2016 Preview: What are Impossible Groups?

I recently asked Spring Conference Co-Chair Bradley Lake about the title of the upcoming conference. It wasn’t clear to me what an Impossible Group meant. His answer helped me and may be helpful to others, so I am posting it here: Bradley: In my understanding, via my conversations with our guest presenter Haim Weinberg,”Impossible” Groups refers to the changing world… Read More