Cinema Series chair Lenore Pomerance interviews Ceil Berlin who will be presenting our next movie, “The Truman Show” on Saturday, December 5, 2015.  Check the website: for all the details of time, place, and directions.  Please RSVP to me if you plan to attend –  Remember you do not have to be a member of MAGPS to join us at the movies!

truman-show-theLP: Ceil, it’s so great to have you presenting at our Cinema Series.  You are our first out of town visiting presenter!  For our technology theme, what made you choose “The Truman Show?”

CB: Well, it’s part science fiction and part comedy. The theme is reminiscent of 1984, how big brother is watching over people. I remembered it after all these years. It’s a very dramatic approach to the idea that every minute of this person’s life, from infancy to his thirties, could be observed without him knowing it. His environment is a TV show being watched by hundreds of people in the town in which he lives. Unbeknownst to him, all the people around him are actors.   How the movie deals with his reaction when he finds out the truth is fascinating.

LP: Does the use of technology in this movie reflect technology’s impact on our everyday lives?

CB: Absolutely!    We think that only in countries with totalitarian governments are people being closely tracked. With today’s technology every government has the capability to track everyone’s emails and conversations on cell phones. And we know this is going on.

LP: Yes,  I just heard about a recent draft of a bill in Great Britain to monitor websites that people visit. Can you see how this movie might relate to group phenomenon?

CB: To me it feels like how the whole “town” going along with and 933215732c1ddbc7a2d0025debdba8a7participating in the the preposterous idea of watching a baby on television grow into an adult without his permission can reflect the control of the large group culture on an individual.


LP: And now with all the social media outlets like Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. people are voluntarily offering up all sorts of details of their lives. There are supposed to be privacy controls, but I wonder…..

We’re looking forward to the evening.  TV dinners anyone? See you on Saturday, December 5th!

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