pimg_7529331741102978Katherine Thorn interviewed our next presenter, Jonathan Lebolt who is bringing us “Her” on Saturday, February 13, 2016. If I haven’t said it enough already I just might say it again, “It is Valentine’s Eve,” and what could be more romantic than a love story between an awkward introvert and an operating system? I mean winsome Joaquin Phoenix and fulsome voiced if disembodied Scarlett Johansson? Please check out the movie on our website and be sure to RSVP to me so we know how much chocolate to have on hand.

Here’s Katherine and Jonathan:

KT: What made you choose “Her”?
jonathan leboltJL
: This year, our Cinema Series has a technology theme. When Lenore Pomerance, the committee chair, asked me to present a film on February 13, I immediately thought of “Her”. Though I hadn’t yet seen it, I had read about it, and it seemed like the quintessential romantic technology film—as oxymoronic as that may sound—for the day before Valentine’s Day.

KT: What draws you to this movie, both personally and professionally?

JL: I’m a relational psychoanalyst, as well as a movie lover, and I’m always drawn to films—as well as cases—with relationship challenges. I was especially curious to see how a relationship between a human being and an operating system—albeit a highly sophisticated and evolved one—could be moving, as well as funny, as the critics claimed. Now that I’ve seen the film, I think they were right.

KT: How does the use of technology reflect technology’s impact on our everyday lives?1.nerevloved_3

JL: I’m still unclear as to the precise definition of “operating system” (“OS”), but I believe we use aspects of it regularly in our lives, such as whenever we use our iPhones to access the web or an app like Google Maps to get us where we need to go. Though Siri’s voice is not as sexy as Scarlett Johansson’s, many of us listen to her voice as often as we do to other human beings’.

KT: How would you relate this movie to group therapy?

JL: I’m not sure yet; one of the questions I will ask the audience is, “What do you think it would be like to have the protagonist (played by Joaquin Phoenix, who falls in love with the OS) as a group member?”

imagesKT: What are some major themes of the movie and are they universal?

JL: What could be more universal than love and romance?

KT: Anything else you want to add?

JL: My husband, Robin, and I have been together for 18 years, but our first legal anniversary is February 13, 2015. So if you come to this event, you’ll be able to enjoy great food and company, a compelling film, and share in our anniversary—and I understand there will be chocolate….

KT: Thanks Jonathan. I’m looking forward to an interesting movie and discussion.

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