Looking for consultation on group challenges you face?

Are you seeking a new group experience?

Wanting to gain more insight into your own group stimulated dynamics?

Group Therapists: Experiential Consultation Group

I am excited to announce a new consultation/supervision* group for group therapists. This is an experiential consultation group specifically for therapists leading groups, or actively planning to start a group.

I use a model developed by David Altfeld (1999). In this model, cases presented in a supervision group are worked with by association through the parts that are stimulated in the group members. This parallel material is then used to gain insight into what has taken place in the case presented and inform future interventions, helping to move past “stuckness” and enhance group functioning.

I have been exploring this model for the past 8 years and have found it tremendously useful at elucidating parallel material that may not otherwise be recognized. This first-hand insight gained into therapy group dynamics expands the capability, knowledge and skills of all consultation group members.

Group Leader: Rob Williams, MBA, LICSW, CGP

Start Date: January 2016

Day/Time: Biweekly, Fridays, 9-11AM

Location: Dupont Circle, 1801 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300


For more information: Call 202-455-5546
or visit aida-therapy.com
or email
or download flyer

*Can be used to fulfill the requirement for group psychotherapy supervision to become a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP).

Altfeld, D. A. (1999). An experiential group model for psychotherapy supervision. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 49(2), 237-254.


Supervision Group Opportunity
with Barry Wepman, PhD, CGP, LFAGPA
I have openings in a long-running, process-oriented supervision group. The focus of the group is the inner experience of the therapists, as stimulated by their work with particular patients.
The group centers around countertransference issues to help members understand and resolve clinical impasses, and to deepen the therapeutic experience. It is made up of moderately to very experienced therapists who are committed to their own professional and personal growth using psychodynamic reflection and group process.
The group meets weekly in my office in Georgetown.
 If you are interested and wonder if this group may be right for you, please contact me at 
(202) 337-0705 or bjwep@aol.com.



Announcing Two Exciting Group Experiences
A New Psychotherapy Group

People join a therapy group to learn about themselves, and through this process, improve their relationships. This group will examine the relationships that develop between members of the group, and between members and me, experiencing and examining interactions in the here-and-now. This leads to greater self-understanding, as well as learning about oneself in relationships – what helps and what impedes having more satisfying relationships. Sharing feelings about oneself and about others in the group is strongly encouraged.

Weekly on Thursdays 8:45 – 10:00 AM
 this is a mixed, ongoing therapy group. Will start with 6 or more members.


Process Group Experience for Group Therapists
Working with The Interplay Between Envy, Jealousy, Competition and Shame: 
Its impact on Intimacy in Groups
In our groups, members cope with vacillating experiences of inclusion and exclusion that arouse powerful feelings of attraction and identification, as well as frustration, envy, and shame. Envy, and its consequent influence on competitive and potentially destructive action is so common and pervasive that no group therapy is without their interplay. In these ongoing weekends, via didactic and experiential learning, we will explore ways in which the group therapist, members, and the group-as-a-whole work with envy and competition, and how the group process holds the possibility of transforming them into creative/constructive energy. Through the leader’s containment of these powerful experiences and through his modeling, participants will identify and analyze various ways of constructing intimacy and competing for relatedness, and learn to identify and verbalize passionately held feelings of envy, rejection, shame, and perceived loss of power as a way of neutralizing its destructive potential.
Group will meet 2-3 weekends per year
Group Leader: Steve Van Wagoner, PhD, CGP, FAGPA is a licensed psychologist and certified group psychotherapist in private practice in Washington, D.C. He is currently on faculty at the National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the Washington School of Psychiatry, is an adjunct clinical faculty member at Georgetown University and the University of Maryland, a Fellow of the American Groups Psychotherapy Association, and currently the Editor of “The Group Circle,” AGPA’s newsletter. Dr. Van Wagoner, an author of several book chapters and articles on group psychotherapy, has 35 years of experience leading groups and is an experienced teacher and presenter.
2440 M Street, Suite 429
 Washington DC
Please call for interest or further details.


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