ANNOUNCEMENT: Two BIG Ideas in One Workshop with Robert S. Pepper, PhD

Robert S. Pepper, PhD

Sunday, November 12, 2017

9 am to 4 pm



Two BIG Ideas in One Workshop:

Consequences when Altering the Frame and Unconventional Group Therapy Interventions


Altering the frame of analytic group treatment always has consequences. In the morning, Dr. Robert Pepper will address the 8 (eight) clinical and ethical dangers of blurring the boundary between therapy and not therapy.  This includes breaches of confidentiality, the double bind, looping, gaslighting, the ’emperor’s new clothes’ effect, the pass-along effect, over-stimulation and scapegoating.


In the afternoon, he plans to consider non-traditional group techniques that have relevance for more “difficult” group situations. Over the past 40 years of practice, Rob has culled a variety of unique interventions and has written widely on this topic. He will offer a fishbowl demonstration group comprised of volunteers who will role-play their most challenging group members, and will follow that by a process group discussion of all participants.


This promises to be an engaging day for those who have experienced unintentional boundary shifts and for those interested in some unconventional (but therapeutic) thoughts!  Please join us at the Washington School of Psychiatry on Sunday, November 12th from 9 am to 4 pm. Please check back with the website in mid-September in order to register for this exciting opportunity.